It's better to sleep early in the rain and dew of a deserted village, and late in the wind and frost of a wild shop. When you meet a Xiake, you must show your sword. If you are not a talented person, don't offer poems. Three lights and five chickens are just when men are determined. Ten years of hard work, no one asked, became famous all over the world. Young parents and old children are lost, while middle-aged widows are miserable. We should be careful in the rough road, and think more about the complexity of things. There are officials who are poor and have no official days. When Ren Rong arrives at his post, he will be appointed. It is better to bear the insult of the crotch than to lose the will of the husband. Success is mostly in the days of poverty. Failure is always in the days of triumph. Recitation is like approaching the enemy's sun, and mind is often like crossing a bridge. Don't do what is good but small, don't do what is evil but small. I often look at crabs with cold eyes to see how long you are walking. Good and evil will be rewarded in the end, only for early and late. Don't believe it, but look at the water in front of the eaves. It drips in the old pool. The tiger is not lying on the road, and the trapped dragon is also in heaven. The Yellow River still has a day of clarification, and no one can be lucky. A sharp knife is not afraid of tough cowhide, a strong fire is not afraid of wood. Saying good does not add to the cake, saying bad does not fall.